esSENSE aspires to be the premier rationalist platform in India.We bring together rationalist speakers, writers, thinkers, activists, supporters, and well-wishers, with the goal of promoting rationalism and freethinking in Kerala and in the larger global environment. Through our publications, e-magazines, seminars, online media, and other collaborative platforms, we will endeavour to develop rationalist thought, share ideas, expand our intellectual horizons, facilitate learning, and foster collaboration.
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  9. ആതുരപ്പൂക്കള്‍ Dr.Augustus Morris
    ‘Aathuraappookkal’ , an awareness programme about Life style diseases & Cancer conducted by Indian Social Centre, Ajman, UAE on 12/05/2017 by Dr.Augustus Morris, Asst.Surgeon, Taluk Hospital, Neendakara, Kollam.
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    Video Playlist of swathanthra Lokam 2016 Payyanur . SwathanthraLokam is a national seminar on science and free-though held in the Indian state of kerala.
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